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Hi, there you are reading bingo blitz game tips and latest cheats to find, collect and unlock unlimited things within the game. So let’s start with shadow cards, you may notice sometimes that your bingo card will be a shadow card.

Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks
You may notice sometimes during around one of your bingo cards, you have a shadow on it or shadow card. If you get bingo on this card then you will collect a trophy for your city collection.
You can also sometimes find the same loot from shadow cards in treasure chests or gifts from your friends. So a city collection has its own collection and maxing out an entire city collection through either shadow cards get from your friends. You can acquire experience points which turn the level up and as you level up you will unlock new rewards like new specialized doors.
You can use or access to slot machine mini-games last but not least coins. Those shiny coins are used to buy lots of things from more power-ups to use in a bingo blitz.
You can get more coins from winning bingo.

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